gathering with kindreds


Gathering with Kindreds is an integral part of my self care.  These gatherings ground me and ignite the spark that fuels the creative fire in my soul.  When Jen Lee offered up the opportunity to meet with other local creatives in the area at The Park in NYC I couldn't say no.  However, I knew when the day came I would have to push myself to get into the city.  

The city is not far from me, but it is a journey to get there.  Traffic is unpredictable, finding parking can be a hassle, and I always end up getting extremely lost.  The morning before the gathering I tried coming up with a million excuses not to go, but I knew in my heart it was the best thing for me.  

Interacting with strangers can be difficult for me.  I am reserved until I develop a connection with someone and then my heart spills wide open.  However it takes time for me to get to that point.  I don't have it in me to immediately begin sharing what I am working on and what my dreams are for the future.  Slowly I peel away the layers revealing the truth in my stories.

Gathering around the table with like minded souls reminded me how important it is to share our stories.  To open up and let others see what really matters to us.  It is our stories that connect us and we will not know the thread that weaves us together until we open up.  

There were two other women that I was talking to and we each revealed our love stories. It was fascinating to me how they each met there respective others and I loved getting a glimpse into an intimate part of their lives.  Everyone has a unique story but in the end we are all looking for the same thing.  We want to share our voice with the world and we want to be loved and respected.  

Everyone at that table had a different background, different passions, and did something different for work.  However we were all drawn there because we understand the importance of community.  You cannot survive in this world alone.  You need to gather with others, share your ideas, and swap stories.  These are the connections that fuel us.  They take us further than we thought we could go and remind us that we are not alone.  

These gatherings do not have to be grand and opulent.  It can be a quant meeting at a coffee shop gathered with a few like minded souls.  A half outs time spent connecting will give you more energy to go out and chase your dreams than you could ever image.  

You can create these gatherings wherever you are.  All it takes is courage and action!  Courage to say yes and invite others in and action in actually going forward with it.  Start small with one or two people and see where it leads you.  You never know what could happen when you open the door to opportunity.  Go ahead and ignite the spark by opening the door and inviting others in.