choosing love

love heart

When you are unsure of where to turn, or what to do
Choose love
Yes, choose love
When you feel lost and afraid, struggling to find your way
Seek out love
Yes, seek out love

It is around even when you do not think it is there
It can be found in the comfort you feel tucked away in your bed
In the warm meal you take time to eat
In the smile from a stranger
Or the kindness from the a coworker

Yes, love is around you
And it wants to be savored and seen
Love doesn't want to stay tucked away
It is meant to be shared and celebrated
Love is a beautiful gift

When you think you have nothing to give
Give love
A smile, a hug, a quiet understanding
Yes, all of this is love
Look for the love in your own heart and spread it

Love opens you up
Makes you see the world with new eyes

It will surprise you
And knock you off your feet
Love is the best kind of feeling there is

So today, and every day
Find a way to share love with those around you
And those you pass on the street
Slow down
And choose love