braving the blues check in

So far the winter has treated us kindly.  The days have not been to bitingly cold and I have had the opportunity to step outside from some fresh air more often than not.  Having a plan in place has definitely helped me to brave the blues and keep me on track from not falling down the rabbit whole.  

I have been keeping myself busy with some creative projects.  I unpacked my sewing machine and jumped on in.  I do not really know how to sew but I am learning.  It has bee so much fun to watch something take shape.  Have a creative outlet to turn to and a project to complete keeps me energized and focused.  

More often than not I have revved up my juicer.  Getting healthy foods into my body always makes me feel better.  One of my favorite go to juice recipes is:

  • A few Carrots
  • One Beet, two if they are really small
  • One Green Apple
  • One Lemon
  • A couple of stalks of Celery
  • Some Ginger
  • Romaine

This is one of my favorite combinations.  I love the healthy dose of energy that the beets provide me.  Do you have any favorite juicing recipes?  


I have also been enjoying sending and receiving postcards as a part of the Love Notes Postcard Project.  For this round I created a couple of postcards using watercolors.  It was nice to sit down for a little while and really focus my energy on these postcards.  

For me there is such a thrill that occurs when I see a little sliver of sunshine in my mailbox sitting next to the bills and excessive amount of catalogs that I receive.  These little pieces of paper lift me up and change my day for the better.  I can't believe next week is already our third and final prompt for this round.  

How about you?  How have you been braving the blues?  Do you have any secret recipes or  warrior moves that you can share?  What is helping you get through these dark and cold days?  
I encourage you to join me in braving the blues.  Check out the hashtag #bravingtheblues on Instagram to see what else has been helping me.  Maybe it will inspire you in #bravingtheblues