never giving up

It wasn't any easy thing to do
But I gave up
I threw in the towel, laid down my pride
And just stopped
I didn't have it in me
Even though I thought I did
Even though I wanted to, so badly
It wasn't there
I wasn't ready
It was not meant to happen today

Disappointment washed over me
Sadness filled my heart
If I can't do this, I thought
How will I ever make it to the end
There are good days and bad days
Moments I feel like a superstar
And others where I think I am a wimp
Today was a wimpy kind of day
Intentions set high
But immobility took its hold

It may look like it
But I didn't really give up
I listened to the words spoken by my body
I didn't allow my ego to get in the way
I paid attention 
And did what I needed to do
I slowed down and found my home
I celebrated showing up
And took note of what I learned
Remembering that this is all part of the journey

There will be roadblocks
Moments where I stumble and fall
Times when I do not make it to my fnal destination
But along the way I am growing stronger
Navigating my path
Giving in to what I need
This is ok 
I am a warrior of my own destiny
Faltering along the way
But never giving up