moving forward


She had to choose a path to travel down
Yet she wasn't sure which way to go
Her heart was saying "move left"
But her mind said "stop right here"
She knew she couldn't stay in the same spot forever
Things were changing
People were leaving
And she too had to move on
She knew she had to go, even if she didn't want to
There were new journeys to embark on
New people to meet and places to see
There was the unknown
Which excited her and terrified her all in the same breathe
Life was filled with twist and turns
The ebb and flow of change
Nothing stayed the same forever
She knew that
Yet saying goodbye was always so hard to do
There would come a moment in time when she would forget this day
The pain would fade
The wound would heal
It would just become a distant memory, as so many things have
Yet in the moment it was real, and deep
The only way to the other side was to keep stepping forward
She closed her eyes
Made a wish
And boldly stepped