there are no dead ends


What if you tried, and it didn't work out?
What if no on showed up?
What if the only one that heard your voice was you?

What if you put your whole heart and soul into it, and it flopped?
What if you thought you were traveling down the right path, and came to a dead end?
What if you completely lost your way?

We hope for the best
We set the highest of intentions
We dream of it all going smoothly

But more often than not, it doesn't
We are faced with obstacles
We learn to over come

We take the next step, and then we take another
We find a new route
And sometimes the destination changes all together

But we show up
Time and time again we show up
And we never give up

Because of that we end up moving mountains
We learn, we grow, we find our inner voice
And we continue on

We know there are no dead ends
Only new paths to be carved
And new adventures to take

What next step will you take?
What new thing will you try?
What words will you speak?