turning to the page

box of journals, filled with words from my heart

box of journals, filled with words from my heart

Sometimes I lose my way home
I get lost in the noise 
The world spinning out of control
I feel on edge, and unsure of my next step

I turn to the page to catch these feelings
It holds my words tenderly
And helps me to etch out a path home
Never once does it cast judgement

The pages of my notebooks have seen it all
Heartbreak, devastation, deep sadness
It has even caught its fair share of my tears
As I navigate the world ahead of me

When I am with my notebook I know I am in a safe space
My heart opens up
The pen glides across the page
My true deep feelings find their voice
And speak out loud what they are going through

I have worked through some very deep things on the page
I have found my voice
Navigated my own journey
Solved my problems
And found joy in who I am

All of this was done on the page
And all I had to do was show up, and surrender
It wasn't easy at first . . . This surrendering thing
But once I got the hang of it, I couldn't shut the door
And my world was never the same

This is why I write
To heal, to discover, to seek, to find out
This is why I write
To learn, to be, to know to grow
I write for me, and in turn make myself a better person to those around me

* * * * * * 
Are you ready to jump into the healing powers that is writing?  
Do you make list of things and jot little notes, but haven't yet been able to piece them all together.  There is a story there some where that you heart wants to tell.  
Let's begin to tell that story among the safe space within the pages of your notebook.  

Join me for a five week writing adventure as we uncover how healing writing is.  There is deep power in the written word.  Even when we write something and throw it away.  Something magical happens when we give a voice to those inner feelings inside.  

Are you ready to begin?
Are you ready to listen?
Are you ready to see what lies within?

There is so much potential within.  Let's use the written word to unleash it.  

Love Notes, Special Delivery :: An online writing excursion :: Helping you to bring the voice within, onto the page.  March 21st - April 2nd.  

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