spark your creativity

As the leaves change around here there is so much color it is a feast for the eyes.  I am reminded of when I was a kid and my brothers and I would rake all the leaves into a pile and jump into them with reckless abandon.  There was so much fun and freedom in that moment.  

As I have grown older there seems to be fewer and fewer moments of reckless abandon.  I tend to focus on what I need to do and am always looking ahead at the next thing on my list.  However, fun and play should have their moment in the sun as well.  

My dear friend Kelly Barton has taught me a lesson or two about infusing fun and color into my every day life.  Her chalk art creations, time on the porch, and awesome watercolor paintings inspire me take time out to play and create.  

This fall Kelly is offering a new online course called soul.FULL.  It is filled with color, awesome projects, and will give you a chance to let go and create.  I am joining in on the fun and I hope you will, too.

soul.FULL. is a one-week guided field trip that explores how to bring creativity into your everyday.  Through this course you will develop new habits that will give you an artist's nudge and put a smile on your face.  

You can read more about it on Jeanne Oliver’s blog HERE.  Hope to be creating along side of you this November.