It was the middle of the night and our memories came crashing down, falling from the wall.  It startled both of us.  Awakening me from a deep dream state into the harsh reality of a future in flux.  I know we will only be in the space for a small moment of time, but my mind has not yet wrapped around the transition of what is to come.  There will be a new place to call home for a temporary period as dreams get built.  How does one settle in to a fleeting space?  What roots can be laid down upon knowing a years time they will be uprooted again.    

My home is my safe haven.  The place I go to dream up big ideas.  The place where I am most  comfortable being myself.  I laugh out loud.  Dance wildly.  Exercise with abandon and freely be me.  It is my comfort zone and my launching pad.  Ideas are birthed between the four walls.  Love is expanded and hearts open wider and wider.  People are invited in.  Celebrations occur, and life gets sweeter and sweeter. 

This move has not yet been fully comprehended in my mind.  I am filled with excitement, disbelief, and total denial that it is really happening.  But the days on the calendar are inching closer and closer to our goodbye.  There is no possible extension, or undoing of the choice we have made.  It is our path, and we are creating it. 

We will learn to live in transition.  Boxes may be half unpacked, but our hearts will still be open wide.  Between the walls of our temporary shelter we will continue to breathe life into new ideas.  We will push our dreams closer and closer to coming true, and we will live.  Even though we are building a future we know that we must be in the moment.  For tomorrow may not come, and I want to say I was here for today.