your story is a gift

There is a great power in your story when you choose to share it with someone.  It take guts and courage.  And most likely it will be hard to get through. But it will heal your heart.  And in sharing your story others will feel less alone.  Knowing that others have traversed a similiar journey makes traveling the hard roads a little bit easier.  

We all struggle along the way, stumbling and falling, losing our balance.  The stories of others help to guide us home. They give us strength to go on because we see that it is possible to make it.  They provide inspiration, even when we are filled with doubt and deeply discouraged.  

Your story, YES!  YOUR STORY could heal someones heart.  

It could provide comfort, wisdom, and strength when they need it most.  

Now I know that telling the dark stories is hard, oh my goodness it is hard.  But these are the stories that we need to tend to.  They deserve kindness, reflection, and letting go.  In the telling of these stories we are able to give ourselves permission to forgive.  Forgive ourselves.  Forgive the decisions we have made.  Forgive those who hurt us.  

It is in the telling that we shed the thick layer of skin that we have built up over the years.  We thought it would protect us, but it has only created a barrier between the hurt and the path to  finding our joy.  In the telling of our story we are able to let go and start fresh.  

Story is a gift.  

It is an open path that we can choose to transform the ending.  Sure what has happened, has happened.  But we can rewrite the ending by choosing how we are going to hold the story going forward.  

Share your story.  Choose your ending.  Release the pain and step boldly onto your fresh new path.