journey to healthy living

Him and I are walking this path together.  Side by side living the moments, embracing life, and chasing after our dreams.  When we are afraid we reach out and hold hands.  We talk from the heart and listen with care and kindness.  He knows how to make me giggle and I know how to make him smile.  Each day we are learning new steps to the waltz we are dancing together.  

I know that in order for us to keep dancing we need to embrace a healthy and active lifestyle.  I want to be able to giggle with him for years to come and I want him here so I can make him smile.  

This year I want to focus on become better at food shopping and meal preperation.  Buying what I need to make healthy meals and not just randomly filling my cart with things that will expire and I eventually throw out.  I need to learn how to plan out the week so that I can stay on track.  Have simple and easy recipes that I can throw together after work.  

Taking the time to sit down and share a meal with someone is such a personal experience. It provides a safe place to open your heart, share your world, and dream up ideas for the future.  When you cook a meal there is so much love infused into the food.  And when a meal is prepared together, it is even better.  Him and I have had some of our best moments in our kitchen creating a meal together.  

I want the question of "whats for dinner" off the table.  I want us to develop a rhythm of planning, preparing, and sharing.  It will become another beautiful dance that we will learn together.  

How do you navigate food shopping and preparation in your home?  Have you developed a rhythm that works for you?   Any hot tips to get me going?  xoxo