reach out


There are times when you feel like you are hanging out, alone
The world spinning out of control around you
Feeling there is no where to turn
Lost, afraid, unsure

But the thing is, you are never alone
There are always people who love you ready to reach out
Extending a hand filled with love, and hope for a brighter future
They lift you up, dust you off, and cheer you on

There will be moments when you do not see them
They are looking on from a distance
Watching as you navigate your journey
Knowing they can not interfere with your decision making

But when you need them, they are there
Arms wide open
Loving you, for you
Letting you know it will all be ok

Do not be afraid to ask for help
To lean on others when things get tough
Do not be afraid to speak the truth
And let them know you screwed up

Life is a wild ride
Filled with ups, and downs
But along the way you always have support
When things seem dark remember this